Kevin Bonnici ‐ new work ‐ in black 

Canadian artist Kevin Bonnici is known for abstract paintings and drawings that evoke scientific and natural references whilst exploring the subtle connections between the two. Bonnici applies paint and charcoal to canvas, wood and paper, in kinetic strokes often scratching the emulsive surface to agitate the composition. 

This new work is at once vivid and sharp with compositional energy gained from the political and/or philosophical subtext. These large loose canvas paintings together with the smaller birch wood panels show Bonnici's aesthetic range giving us a compressed view of a larger holistic motif. There are Tribal and Industrial variables expressed in inky black clouds, razor sharp lines of pencil all acting with topographical impunity. 

Industry no.18, Fracking, 2016. Oil on canvas, 44" x 64" 2016 Kevin Bonnici 

Kevin's expressive abstract work is available at Saatchi Art. 

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